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Q. How strenuous is the climb?
The climb to the crown is a strenuous journey that encompasses 354 steps (The height of a 22 story building) in a cramped enclosed area with high temperatures. The steps within the Statue are 19" (48 cm) wide, are shallow and taper at one end. Head clearance is 6 feet 2 inches. All crown visitors must be able to climb up and down the 354 steps unassisted.  Due to the narrowness of the spiral staircase that must be ascended and the fact that there will be other visitors behind you, once started it would be very difficult and a great inconvenience to others if one found themselves unable to make the ascent in a timely manner. Even if you are fit, the climb is slow because of visitors in front of you who may be having difficulty.

Q. Is it safe to go up the crown?
A. National Park Service rangers will be on site at all times to assist visitors. Since the statue is not air conditioned, interior temperatures can be 20 degrees higher than the outside. On hot days visitors should drink water at least 30 minutes prior to the climb. There are no rest rooms inside the statue itself. The climb is strenuous and not without risk, and the National Park Service recommends that crown visitors have no significant physical or mental conditions that would impair their ability to complete it, including, but not limited to: heart and respiratory conditions, mobility impairments, claustrophobia (fear of confined spaces), acrophobia (fear of heights) or vertigo (dizziness).

Q. Is there an additional cost?
Yes, adult tickets are $16.  Children 4 to 12 are $8.  Children must be at least 4 foot tall. This amount is in addition to your package tour and must be charged separately to a credit card of one of the persons in your party.  That person must pick up the tickets at the “Pre-Paid” window in person with the credit card that was used as well as a government issued photo ID.  All persons must have government issued photo ID (except minors without ID) matching the name printed on the ticket.

Q. What is the availability?
The tickets are extremely limited and are usually sold out months in advance.   If we are successful in obtaining crown tickets for you, you will receive an email confirmation notice that you take to the “Pre-Paid” window at Battery Park.  If we are unable to to obtain Crown Access tickets we will procure reserve tickets that admits you into the pedestal, including the museum and 360° degree observation platform at the foot of the statue.  If these tickets are unavailable, you will receive tickets that will permit you on to Liberty Island that will allow you roam and photograph  Lady Liberty up close.

Q. How do I request tickets to the Crown?
Click the Radio Button on the "Select Restaurant / Show" form.  Important! Under "Remarks and/or Special Requests" List the names of all persons who wants to make the ascent to the Crown.  The name of each adult must match the name as it appears on the government issued photo ID that they will present for admission. Note that not everyone in the party needs to elect the chance to clime to the Crown.